Mexicali Smooth Guacamole in Glasses with Tomatoes

Yesterday’s nacho recipe got me thinking Mexican inspired appetizers and that usually means one of only a few things in most people’s mind, either salsa or guacamole. Now you could replace the tomatoes in this appetizer with salsa of your choice a tomato based salsa would be a nice replacement. But in this dish I use nice fresh tomatoes to give it a nice cool element which is why I also suggest refrigerating it for a bit before serving to so it has a nice cool element in it although there is not a lot of heat in this one there is a bit from the Chipotle peppers I use in the guacamole.

Now you know I have been focusing on the lead up to the fifth on north of the border cuisine and this is for two parts one I have set out on a one woman crusade (in a good way) to change peoples opinion of the whole north vs. south of the border food debate and set my eyes on showing people that labels are silly good food is just that good food. Well as part of this I have tried to focus on dishes and recipes although distinctly Mexican in feel they are not what you would call traditional or authentic in the more basic of ways but if someone was to put them in a category they would come closes to a real Mexican dish then say any other cuisine type and therefore something of interest to my readers.

Now one of the largest places outside of Texas and Mexico of friendly Mexican inspired cooks would have to be California and Southern California in particular thus hence the name Mexicali. Now when I asked some of my staff and dear friends if they had ever heard of it most had said no and I replied think Tex-Mex only with a California influence just as Tex-Mex is prevalent in Texas so is Mexican inspired cuisine in the Golden State. It only makes sense and to think that these immigrants are any different than the Italian American’s contributions to Italian cuisine or Chinese immigrants contribution to Chinese cuisine why would southern Californian immigrants from the land of Mexico be any different.

I don’t know any one that is about to stop going to their favorite pizza joint or their favorite Chinese restaurant than why would Mexican American cuisine be or should be any different. So it is different that is one of the things that makes America so strong we take the best of all cultures and blend them into something uniquely are own. Is pizza in New York any less Italian then in say Rome? Heck there are more Italians in New York then in Rome so which is really the Italian city? Now I am not saying that true Mexican cuisine should be forgotten altogether just enjoyed alongside its American counterparts with equal gusto and enthusiasm. As I told you yesterday if you missed it last year check out my “12 Days of Cinco de Mayo – Day Dos” for a fun look at the Cinco de Mayo version of the jingle.

Smooth Guacamole Appetizers Mexicali Style


 One of the most common of Mexican inspired condiments is that of guacamole and although it is usually served in a bowl as a dip there is no reason we cannot give it a more personal presentation and make it an appetizer for a dinner party.
Author: Christine Szalay-Kudra
Cuisine: MexicaliRecipe type: AppetizerServes: 10
Prep time:  10 mins Cook time:  3 mins Total time:  13 mins
For the Smooth Guacamole:
6 La Costena Green Tomatillos
4 Hass avocados
⅜ Cup of cilantro leaves packed, rinsed
2 Goya Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce
⅝ cups water
½ teaspoon sea salt
To Serve the Mexicali Smooth Guacamole in Glasses with Tomatoes:
6 small mixed drink glasses
½ small sweet onion, diced
4 Roma tomatoes seeded, diced
Lemon slices halved


To Make the Smooth Guacamole:
In a sauce pan full of boiling of water boil the Chipotle peppers and the tomatillos for 3 minutes. When done take them out of the sauce pan and transfer to a glass bowl and allow them to cool (note you can use the cooking water as your blending liquid).
Next while waiting for the peppers and tomatillos to cool de-pit the avocadoes and remove the flesh from the avocado skin and place it in a food processor.
Add all the other ingredients and place the cover on and pulse this until it is smooth.
To Make the Mexicali Smooth Guacamole in Glasses with Tomatoes:
In your serving glasses spoon in enough of the guacamole mixture to fill it about a ¼ of the way up the glass with the smooth guacamole.
Next place some of the diced tomatoes in the glass to about the half way point.
Next a thin layer of the diced onion toped to the 23/4 point with more guacamole and finally a bit more tomato
Refrigerate for an hour before serving.
Garnish with a thin slice of lemon on the glass rim serve with chips and a spoon.


La Costena Green Tomatillos, 28 oz
Goya Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce - 7 oz

Photo Description:

Most of the time guacamole is just served in an ordinary bowl with chips but that doesn’t mean we can’t spruce it up a bit and give it a nicer presentation. Also it tends to be made on the chunky side usually but in this recipe I give you a more Guatemalan style guacamole that is served nice and smooth. The smooth guacamole works better in this recipe do to the presentation I use as I serve it in Old Fashioned glasses now you could also use various other glasses including shot glasses of differing styles any of them will elevate the presentation and make it more of a personal appetizer for a dinner party for example.

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