Una Cerveza con Limon

His is one south of the border beverage which really needs no introduction. You might be wondering which dishes to prepare for your Cinco de Mayo festivities, but one thing is sure – you probably already have the drinks figured out, and there is sure to be some ice cold beer involved in your planning somewhere. And if there is not, then maybe you simply forgot to add it to your list, because we promise you ‘una cerveza con limon’ is going to be a very popular choice at your party. You will also want to offer soft drinks and maybe some other south of the border choices too.

Early May is usually warm, even hot, depending whereabouts you live, and this refreshing drink is not only typically Mexican and refreshing, but it is fair to say it pairs with pretty much every single cuisine, and Mexican food is no exception. It can really cool your mouth after eating those hot flavors and contrasts perfectly with those chili pepper-rich dishes. Ensure you have enough ice or refrigerator space to keep the beers cold and plenty of slices of lemon or lime to add that Mexican twist. Served as an aperitif or along with your Cinco de Mayo Mexican food, the beer is a must-have.

‘Una cerveza con limon’ is such a simple Spanish phrase, even non-Spanish speakers recognize it. It is often one of the first Spanish phrases learnt in fact! But why are we adding a slice of citrus to the drink? This practice is largely unknown in Mexico, but Mexican beers are often served this way outside Mexico. A premium beer has very little acidity, which is why a little citrus, in the form of lemon or lime, adds a fresh, bright zing to the flavor. Many Belgian and German beers are served with lemon, not just Mexican ones. This is personal choice. If you do not like the citrus, it is an optional touch.

There is a theory that Mexican workers used to drink cheap American beer and they added salt and lemon because they preferred it that way. Another theory is the slice of citrus served in the neck of the bottle is supposed to be wiped around the neck of the bottle to disinfect it or keep the flies away. And then some people theorize the companies producing these beers, Corona in particular, use the lemon slice as a marketing ploy, so it sticks in their customers’ minds. Whichever (if any) of these reasons is the most accurate one, why not serve lemon with your beer this Cinco de Mayo, and enjoy the festive flavor it gives?

Mexican Beer with a Lemon Slice


 Is there anything more refreshing, better to pair with Mexican food, or easier to prepare than una cerveza con limon? This will help your Cinco de Mayo party get started.
Author: Christine Szalay-Kudra
Cuisine: MexicanRecipe type: DrinksServes: 6
Prep time:  2 mins Total time:  2 mins
6 bottles of Corona, or similar Mexican beer
1 lemon or lime, cut into 6 wedges


If the beers are not already cold, put them in the refrigerator until they are.
Nobody wants a warm beer!
Pop open the beers and discard the bottle caps.
Add a lemon or lime wedge to the neck of each one, pressing down so half the wedge is in the bottle.
People can push the citrus into their beer if they like, or remove it easily if not.
Serve immediately.

Photo Description:

Who is going to say no to an ice-cold Mexican beer served with lemon, or ‘una cerveza con limon’ as it is known south of the border? This typical beverage is always a welcome addition to Cinco de Mayo celebrations, and because the bright flavor of this drink goes so well with Mexican food, helping to cool your mouth after enjoying those spicy flavors, you will want to consider it as your beverage of choice when serving fiery Mexican fare, regardless of whether it is Cinco de Mayo or not. That is right – una cerveza con limon is far too good to serve only once a year. Cheers!

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