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www.recipesofcakes.xyz offers a comprehensive selection of the best Mexican recipes and this blog is part of the Recipe Publishing Network. This is a group of family-run blogs and websites, which are dedicated to a variety of specialty recipe tastes. We cover many kinds of recipes from barbeque favorites to soups, salads, seafood, and much more. Maybe you are in the mood for a classic Mexican dish such as authentic fish tacos, or you want to learn how to make a traditional Mexican soup or something to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Amazing Mexican Recipes brings you all kinds of classic south of the border dishes, along with recipes which have been inspired by Mexican cuisine but have some kind of fusion elements in there. Mexican food itself is a melting pot of different cuisines. A lot of the flavors can be traced back to the Spanish conquistadores, while there are other flavors in there, such as French, African and more. The end product is the Mexican food we know and love today, bursting with aromatic flavors, perfect proteins, fresh seasonal vegetables, and plenty more. Mexican cuisine is one of the most popular food choices in the world because it offers something for every palate.

Let Me Tell You about Myself

When I first started to make my food-related blogs and recipe websites, I had a specific aim uppermost in my mind, and that was to bring a superior experience to web users than anything else available on the web. I am mom to 4 great boys and, as you can imagine, food is a massive part of our lives. As any mom to boys will know, guys love to eat, and finding new recipes every day to capture their interest can be rather challenging.

I was diagnosed with MS several years ago, and that means I find it hard to stand up for long periods of time. The guys still need high quality food, of course. I am no quitter and I just wasn’t prepared to settle for prepackaged boxed junk. I wanted to feed my guys satisfying, nutritious meals and that is where I first got the inspiration for my blogs and sites. I love cooking for my family and I also enjoy sharing my passion for quality food. If I discover an amazing recipe which is quick, simple and tasty, I want to share it with you.

I try to reflect these ideas in all my food and drink blogs and recipe websites. Plain, simple quality is so important, from the food-related articles to the recipes themselves and all the other content on the blog or website we are talking about. This goal stays the same, whether we are talking about one of our savory food websites like AmazingSoupRecipes.com or one of the dessert sites like DecadentDessertRecipes.com. Believe me, you can cook high quality food whatever your budget or level of cooking experience happen to be.

Types of Mexican Recipes

There are famous Mexican dishes that everyone can name, such as tacos, tamales, chicken tortilla soup, and chiles rellenos, just to name a few. There are also other ones you might not know unless you have perused Mexican cookbooks, visited Mexico or been adventurous when choosing your dinner in a Mexican restaurant.

Just like everywhere else, Mexico has its own unique soup recipes, salad recipes, desserts, snacks, appetizers, and entrées, along with tasty side dishes and more. You can learn how to lend Mexican flavors to your beef, chicken or pork, find out which Mexican dishes can be cooked in the crockpot, or discover how a Mexican cook will prepare a balanced evening meal for the family, using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients as the basis of the dish.

There are some seasonings typical to this cuisine, not that you will find them in every dish but in a lot of them, with examples including chili, oregano, cumin, cilantro, and garlic. Chili is used a lot in Mexican food, and that includes fresh chili peppers, ground chili powder, and even dishes based on chilies like chili con carne or chile relleno (stuffed chili pepper). Chili should not be the overwhelming flavor in a dish though. A little chili goes a long way, so use it to complement the other flavors rather than overwhelm your dish.

In fact some Mexican dishes are not spicy at all, partly because nobody wants to eat spicy food for every meal, but also because some of the fresh ingredients showcase their flavors best when combined with light, mild seasonings.

There are so many dishes to choose from, why not take a look right now, and peruse some of our Mexican offerings, to see what tantalizes your taste buds the most.

It is too easy to fall into the trap of making the same things over and over again, especially with Mexican food when tacos and nachos often seem to be the order of the day. Give yourself a challenge and see how you get on making something brand new.

If Mexican is not going to be on tonight’s menu, you might still want to browse our recipes, planning ahead for another night’s meal. We are sure to have something you want to make. We also have websites and blogs geared toward almost every kind of cuisine you can think of. Maybe you will find another kind of cuisine at one of our other sites that suits the occasion better.

You will find a list of some of these on the Recipe Publishing link above. Thanks so much for dropping by today and we hope you enjoy your visit!

Buen provecho, and thanks for visiting,

Christine and Everyone here at Amazing Mexican Recipes
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